Bernie crafts exciting stories for young adults


Born in Manchester, the author left his home and military life in Hereford to move to New Zealand.  His future search centred on a better life with more prospects than the UK had to offer at the time. He now lives in Tauranga with his wife, Janet, in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand’s North Island.


Bernie Hanvey Segway


Sam Tyler has an IQ so far off the charts he becomes a member of MENSA, the High IQ Society, before he is a teenager.

He receives a fast-track scholarship from the University of Aberystwyth on the west coast of Wales. He becomes the youngest person to achieve a double Ph.D. in British history.

Sometimes, with extremely high intelligence, there are other special abilities. In Sam's case, his abilities happen to include levitation and telekinesis - and there are others.

At the age of fifteen, Sam calls a halt to academic life, so he can discover where his future will eventually take him.

He leaves his family and friends in the UK to travel to New Zealand.

In the Maori burial ground on the side of Taupiri Mountain, near Ngaruawahia, he meets a very special dog called Hugo. The boy and his dog team up to help the people of Kaikoura and Japan after the earthquakes in the week following the Supermoon in November 2016. The bravery and unique abilities of a boy and his dog help to save the lives of many people in New Zealand and Japan.

Anything can, and often does, happen in this book. It's an exciting yarn for young - and not so young, adults.

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Ever wish you had 20/20 hindsight, and it was permanent?

The motorcycle Mark Fletcher bought was a limited edition 1975, T140, 750cc Triumph Bonneville. He knew that it was special as soon as he saw it beneath the fluorescent lights in the showroom of Kings Motorcycles. He soon found out just how special it was.

The bike became an essential tool for him to get the truth about his mother's death. It's now used to help others by obtaining information from the future and using it in the present.

Available from Book Depository online, $20.37 for the paperback version. Also available in Kindle format.



Trees are not all you find in a forest.

If someone told you would find out of this world technology or the cure for cancer in the forest, would you believe them?

The Greenstone Valley and the Routeburn Track provide the intriguing backdrop for a story covering two worlds and entirely different cultures.

How would you use telepathy if you had that ability?

Kahu Turei and Louise (Lou) Jordan are Year Eleven students at Otumoetai College in Tauranga. They decide to tackle the Grande Traverse, a six-day hike through the beautiful Fiordland and Mount Aspiring National Parks in the South Island. What they see there is not what they expected.

From the age of seven, Kahu learned the ancient Māori martial art of Mau Rākau. He never dreamed he would be teaching it to hundreds of others at the age of fifteen, so they could fight an invading army.