Bernie draws on a wide knowledge base to create captivating stories that keep the reader hooked right till the end.

Bernie Hanvey NZ Author

Bernie is originally from Manchester; a sprawling city with a population of over three million people. He often says, “To do well in Manchester, you need at least a couple of things going for you. The first is a good sense of humour and the second is a good sense of humour and the ability to deal with people who are as hard as nails, on a daily basis.”

Leaving home at the age of eighteen to join the Army, Bernie spent over half of his time in the military based in the cathedral city of Hereford on the UK’s Welsh border. His military service took him to many places around the world but his future lay in New Zealand. Since then, Bernie has circumnavigated the planet almost forty times, mainly on business.

Writing creatively since he was a teenager, Bernie’s work went from short stories to plays where comedy and tragedy occurred during the space of an hour.

Eventually, Bernie began writing full-length novels of fiction and, although his first published novel was written specifically for adults, he now writes stories for the young adult genre.

Fascinated with genius, many of Bernie’s stories draw on real life tales of powerful minds. The human capacity to use our imagination to change the world is a super power Bernie wants every young reader to know they have.

When a break is required from writing, Bernie often reverts to his other life passions: Helping to run a Charitable Trust for underprivileged children and mentoring the owners of small businesses in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island.

Bernie now lives in the beautiful city of Tauranga with his wife Janet.